How to rejuvenate the skin on your face

Rejuvenate the skin on your face in the first place. In the process of aging, changes occur in the body. With respect to the skin, these types of changes can both be internal and external. External changes are related to the general appearance of the epidermis, while internal changes are carried out beneath the surface of the dermis at the cellular level.

As we age, our dermis loses its elasticity, texture and strength, what results in sagging appearances, sings of age, fine lines, along with other remarkable signs of aging. Below are the top 4 tips for younger looking skin that you should follow if you want a younger look.firm skin


The epidermis is the organ that is most affected by the pollutants in the environment. It is best to clean it twice a day. At night, to get rid of harmful particles and the effects of contaminants, make-up products, excess fat and dead dermis. Clean the skin early in the morning, to remove impurities that have been removed during the night and to prepare for exposure to pollution, during the day. You can get some extra help with black mask cleanser.

To clean the skin

Wipe your face with warm water. Apply with great care and then clean with cleansing foam for the face. Rinse with warm water, dry it and give it moist. It is a step to rejuvenate the skin of the face.


Climatic conditions also have an effect on the natural moisturizing properties of the epidermis. As we age, the contact between the epidermis and the dermis decreases, which affects the ability to capture moisture from the dermis. A very good moisturizer increases moisture by increasing the property of your complexion.

While you will have to take extra care of the skin of the face, do not overlook the rest of the body. When we neglect, the dermis of other parts of the body becomes cracked and also leather

To better moisturize the face as well as the body

  • Clean the face with warm water along with a high-quality facial cleanser.
  • Apply an Age Defense cream like BellaVei during the day, in addition to the evening cream.
  • Gently massage the cream until it is absorbed in the bottom.
  • Apply a lotion for the active body, with the rest of the body, for smooth and healthy skin and balanced throughout.
  • Carefully massage the product until it is completely absorbed


The cells of the outermost layer of the dermis are actually dead. If they are not removed, the dead cells make the skin look dull and aged. Facial masks are the best way to eliminate these dead cells.

A good and effective face mask increases the health of the face surface. It softens the epidermis and clears it. When put into use with productive cleansers and moisturizers, the masks emphasize and manage to rejuvenate the skin of the face, so it really feels soft and looks youthful. Facial masks should be applied once a week.

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