How to increase the IQ and get maximum potential?

A well-known Swedish neurologist called Torkel Klinhnerg made a study, which consisted of 14 children, all with ADHD (acronym for Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity). Half participated in tasks with computerized designs to strengthen their working memory, while the other half played with less provocative programs. This yielded interesting data on how to increase the IQ.increase the iq study

The study of matrices

After only 25 days, they also scored higher on one of the best individual measures of fluid intelligence, in Raven’s Progressive Matrices. Improved working memory, in other words, transferred to an improvement in a task that the children were not training to exercise.

Even if the sample was small, the results were very interesting (three years later Klingberg replicates most of the results in a group of 50 children), since matrices are considered the gold standard of intelligence testing. Anyone who has had an intelligence test has seen matrices like those used in Raven’s: three rows, with three graphical elements in each row, made up of squares, circles, points, or the like.

Do the patterns get bigger as they move from left to right?

Matrices and patterns

One of the nine articles is missing from the matrix, and the challenge is to find the underlying patterns – up, down and the other side – from six possible options. Initially, solutions are obvious to most people, but they become progressively harder to discern. Towards the end of the trial, most trial takers are baffled.

If the measurement of intelligence through matrices seems arbitrary, consider them as the center of pattern recognition, is success in life. It is one of the patterns to increase the IQ.

If you want to take advantage of the cycles in the stock market, or find a legal precedent in 10 cases. You’re basically using the same cognitive abilities tested by matrices.

Intelligence can deteriorate

Let’s look at this from the opposite perspective. Can your intelligence be allowed to deteriorate? Yes, probably.

This sounds a little bit like a matter of which the statics of the nerds, can establish the winners of a competition or a football match.

Everything to increase the IQ

We think that these actions are what stimulate the growth of IQ, since it is advisable to carry out studies to establish objectives. Often the result of these studies is not correct.

All these functions of calculation, of trying to establish results are actually an exercise that also increases the coefficient of intelligence. We can assume that if we do not, intelligence will suffer a decline.

Of course, as a scientific work, the search for the increase in IQ will be the reason for study and rectification, but in the meantime all efforts, in themselves, constitute a reinforcement to extend the coefficient of intelligence.

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