Famous Brazilian health coach shares his weight loss secrets

Aline Almeida (Instagram @aline_fitness_) weighed 62 kilos when Health Coach, Thiago Caldeira (@caldeira_thiago) approached her to consider competing as a rookie in the Paulista Fitness Championship 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She thought he was crazy when he asked her to consider competing. But after a few days of Thiago convincing her of his fitness makeover plan for her, she wearily decided give it try. She admits she was doubtful for the first few months, until she started to see her body’s transformation.

She was already a model but her muscles lacked toning and definition. But Thiago Caldeira saw her potential with a little extra training and sculpting. Thiago said they started preparing for the Championship one year and three months in advance; she weighed the same then as she does now but now she has a fabulously toned body. He says it was sensational to see her body transformation.

She will compete against 500 other competitors. Thiago tells her that it doesn’t matter if she wins; she has already won the competition by giving one hundred percent of herself in improving her body and self-image.

Aline was one of the top 4 in the Paulista Fitness Championship 2017. Thiago’s training methods worked. But Aline wasn’t the only victory for Thiago Caldeira. He is considered to be one of Brazil’s best Health Coaches.

Thiago’s training philosophy is based one giving our body the best gift possible, being healthy. But he believes we each need to decide to be healthy and make the proper lifestyle changes. His training methods don’t just tone the body but they improve our mindset and goals. It is about caring for your body, by eating healthy and exercising for your health.

By following his training suggestions, you can see incredible changes within just one month. His proven technics work for both men and women.

What are his training secrets?

If you are looking for weight loss results that actually work, then you will love these suggestions from Thiago.

Frame of mind – One of the main reasons individuals stop a weight loss plan, is because they talk themselves out of it. Maybe making excuses such as, I don’t have the time, money or energy to do this. If your mind is not on board for losing weight, it is almost impossible to follow through.

Tiago says that you need to be confident and trust in yourself that you can do this! Anybody can lose weight and look amazing; it is all about motivating and convincing your mind.

Mix up your exercises – Thiago believes that variety is the key to a more toned body. He suggests doing three weight lifting sessions a week and three cardio sessions a week. When doing cardio workouts, opt for high intensity routines that get your heart pumping.

Have a workout buddy – Friends are the best free motivational tool available to you. They will help you to get out the door on those days when you lack motivation. He suggests having more than one workout buddy, in case one has to travel or is sick.

Healthy diet – Thiago says our body responds to the food we give it. Sugars and high-glycemic foods only cause you to become bloated, fatigued and fatter. He encourages a low-carb diet easting lean-proteins and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index.

A good night’s rest – Thiago says on of the main reasons we are not losing weight is because we are sleep deprived. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours in a dark, cool room.

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