Famous Brazilian health coach shares his weight loss secrets

Aline Almeida (Instagram @aline_fitness_) weighed 62 kilos when Health Coach, Thiago Caldeira (@caldeira_thiago) approached her to consider competing as a rookie in the Paulista Fitness Championship 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She thought he was crazy when he asked her to consider competing. But after a few days of Thiago convincing her of his fitness makeover plan for her, she wearily decided give it try. She admits she was doubtful for the first few months, until she started to see her body’s transformation.

She was already a model but her muscles lacked toning and definition. But Thiago Caldeira saw her potential with a little extra training and sculpting. Thiago said they started preparing for the Championship one year and three months in advance; she weighed the same then as she does now but now she has a fabulously toned body. He says it was sensational to see her body transformation.

She will compete against 500 other competitors. Thiago tells her that it doesn’t matter if she wins; she has already won the competition by giving one hundred percent of herself in improving her body and self-image.

Aline was one of the top 4 in the Paulista Fitness Championship 2017. Thiago’s training methods worked. But Aline wasn’t the only victory for Thiago Caldeira. He is considered to be one of Brazil’s best Health Coaches.

Thiago’s training philosophy is based one giving our body the best gift possible, being healthy. But he believes we each need to decide to be healthy and make the proper lifestyle changes. His training methods don’t just tone the body but they improve our mindset and goals. It is about caring for your body, by eating healthy and exercising for your health.

By following his training suggestions, you can see incredible changes within just one month. His proven technics work for both men and women.

What are his training secrets?

If you are looking for weight loss results that actually work, then you will love these suggestions from Thiago.

Frame of mind – One of the main reasons individuals stop a weight loss plan, is because they talk themselves out of it. Maybe making excuses such as, I don’t have the time, money or energy to do this. If your mind is not on board for losing weight, it is almost impossible to follow through.

Tiago says that you need to be confident and trust in yourself that you can do this! Anybody can lose weight and look amazing; it is all about motivating and convincing your mind.

Mix up your exercises – Thiago believes that variety is the key to a more toned body. He suggests doing three weight lifting sessions a week and three cardio sessions a week. When doing cardio workouts, opt for high intensity routines that get your heart pumping.

Have a workout buddy – Friends are the best free motivational tool available to you. They will help you to get out the door on those days when you lack motivation. He suggests having more than one workout buddy, in case one has to travel or is sick.

Healthy diet – Thiago says our body responds to the food we give it. Sugars and high-glycemic foods only cause you to become bloated, fatigued and fatter. He encourages a low-carb diet easting lean-proteins and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index.

A good night’s rest – Thiago says on of the main reasons we are not losing weight is because we are sleep deprived. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours in a dark, cool room.

Pregnancy wedge pillow: what can it do for you?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful experience in a woman’s life, but it is important to say that during this period the body undergoes a series of changes, so that mothers increase in weight due to the growth of the baby and a pregnancy wedge pillow can help you.

wedge pillow It is important to mention that the at beginning the woman is not accustomed to carry so much weight in its stomach reason why it can experience difficulties to move, generalized fatigue and even included pains in the back and the legs.

According to the above, in the industries have been dedicated to study and elaborate ways in which the mother and the embryo find themselves comfortable what they have developed pillows oriented  to relieve the back pain.

You also need to know that there are lots of different pregnancy pillow that you can choose from Different sizes, styles and shapes. Let’s take a look at the variety of pregnancy pillows; among these type of pillow is the pregnancy wedge pillow.

What is the Pregnancy wedge pillow?

When is referring to the pregnancy wedge pillow, it is a more rigid support that allows to lift the weight of the belly while letting the back rest. These pillows offer many advantages since they are an excellent support that helps you rest and relieve your pain back. They are easy to handle since these pillows are small, so they do not take up too much space at home. These Pillows will also be useful for your baby, since it keeps him upright, in a semi-seated position if he suffers from reflux, something very normal among newborns.

pregnancy pillowThey are useful at night because women who are pregnant may have trouble falling asleep, so if placed under the belly or back, provide the support and comfort necessary to fall asleep.

Not only women who are pregnant can use these pillows since they are very comfortable and feel comfortable watching TV or reading.

As for how to use them there are different forms as they are: you can use under your regular pillow to elevate your head, being very useful as it can help revive the acidity and reflux of pregnancy.

Behind the back, allowing you to sleep in a correct position. And you can also use it under the belly because it provides support to your stomach, helping to maintain weight of your back and hips.

This pillow despite not being imperative is an excellent pregnancy option for pregnant women, who generally prefer to sleep on their side since their wedge pillow features allow them to support the weight of the stomach and in addition, this pillow is perfect for comfort during holidays.

In the stage of pregnancy there are a number of changes through which the body of a woman passes; during this stage so beautiful it is necessary that the mothers be comfortable, reason because they have created several alternatives among which Pregnancy wedge pillow that are of great help since at bedtime, they support the stomach of the woman, these pillows also can be used in the back, they are very useful, comfortable, easy to manipulate and occupy little space.

These wonderful pillows will also allow you to relieve your back pain and there are people who without being pregnant buy for their high degree of comfort to watch TV or go on vacation.

How to rejuvenate the skin on your face

Rejuvenate the skin on your face in the first place. In the process of aging, changes occur in the body. With respect to the skin, these types of changes can both be internal and external. External changes are related to the general appearance of the epidermis, while internal changes are carried out beneath the surface of the dermis at the cellular level.

As we age, our dermis loses its elasticity, texture and strength, what results in sagging appearances, sings of age, fine lines, along with other remarkable signs of aging. Below are the top 4 tips for younger looking skin that you should follow if you want a younger look.firm skin


The epidermis is the organ that is most affected by the pollutants in the environment. It is best to clean it twice a day. At night, to get rid of harmful particles and the effects of contaminants, make-up products, excess fat and dead dermis. Clean the skin early in the morning, to remove impurities that have been removed during the night and to prepare for exposure to pollution, during the day. You can get some extra help with black mask cleanser.

To clean the skin

Wipe your face with warm water. Apply with great care and then clean with cleansing foam for the face. Rinse with warm water, dry it and give it moist. It is a step to rejuvenate the skin of the face.


Climatic conditions also have an effect on the natural moisturizing properties of the epidermis. As we age, the contact between the epidermis and the dermis decreases, which affects the ability to capture moisture from the dermis. A very good moisturizer increases moisture by increasing the property of your complexion.

While you will have to take extra care of the skin of the face, do not overlook the rest of the body. When we neglect, the dermis of other parts of the body becomes cracked and also leather

To better moisturize the face as well as the body

  • Clean the face with warm water along with a high-quality facial cleanser.
  • Apply an Age Defense cream like BellaVei during the day, in addition to the evening cream.
  • Gently massage the cream until it is absorbed in the bottom.
  • Apply a lotion for the active body, with the rest of the body, for smooth and healthy skin and balanced throughout.
  • Carefully massage the product until it is completely absorbed


The cells of the outermost layer of the dermis are actually dead. If they are not removed, the dead cells make the skin look dull and aged. Facial masks are the best way to eliminate these dead cells.

A good and effective face mask increases the health of the face surface. It softens the epidermis and clears it. When put into use with productive cleansers and moisturizers, the masks emphasize and manage to rejuvenate the skin of the face, so it really feels soft and looks youthful. Facial masks should be applied once a week.

Come and meet the new BellaVei Skin Care

Do you like to reduce fine lines under the eyes or wrinkles of the skin? If your answer is positive, then you have to choose a more advanced anti-wrinkle cream for sensitive eyes. The name of the cream is BellaVei swith Phytoceramides.

According to the report of leading scientists and other health organizations, this cream can increase the humidity level up to 84%, the elasticity up to 93% and it reduce wrinkles up to 65%. Wrinkles can be easily removed under the eyes if we use this product regularly.

It is a famous anti-wrinkle eye cream for the production of collagen. It is a great solution for the reduction of your fine lines and the wrinkles of your body. This supplement is the biggest solution for your sensitive skin. That is why it is effective for our sensitive skin under the eyes.

What is BellaVei Skin Care?

BellaVei Skin CareIt is called the famous advanced anti-wrinkle supplement in the world. It makes our face look younger without creating any side effects. This product is marketed for the creation of a quick effect on the skin under the eyes. You can easily start working, to eliminate wrinkles in a few days of use. It is famous for an instant response to sensitive skin.

According to the scientists report, this product has antioxidants and minerals that are available in fruits, vegetables and other natural elements. It is clinically approved by the FDA and many health organizations around the world.

Most skin doctors prescribe this product for our skin treatment. That is why it is a definitive solution for the most sensitive skin.

What are BellaVei ingredients?

According to the report of pharmacists, all ingredients of the supplement are pure. There is no harmful artificial ingredient in them. When one becomes adult, our body can easily create many signs of aging on the face. That includes: wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and dark spots.

It is true that there is no guarantee of other skin care products to work on your face, but this product ensures a good and powerful result in a few days.

All ingredients are obtained from a reliable source of nature. Expert scientists unite all natural ingredients to produce this product for sensitive skin. The names of the ingredients are as follows:

Vitamin C, Arbutin, Spring Oil, Shea Butter, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Water, Antioxidants, Glycerin, Ethyl Alcohol, Penyle Glycol, Jojoba Esters. It is easy to use and provides us with an immediate result in a few days of using this supplement. This product is created in certified PNB laboratories under the supervision of qualified and trained scientists.

How does Bellavei skin care really work?

This cream is made of natural substances. It has vitamin C and other minerals. We can easily find these ingredients in many sources in nature. We know that free radicals can damage our DNA system. Serum antioxidants can protect our body from all types of free radicals.

According to dermatologists report, damaged skin cells can accelerate aging and wrinkles in our body. It is the cause of dark circles, dry skin and aging lines. Antioxidants can easily repair skin damage and slow down the aging process on our face. This product works for our tired eyes.

If you want a younger life, you will need to use this BellaVei skin care cream. It can remove the pigments of origin in the blood of our body, which is responsible for dark circles and local inflammation around the eye contour. This cream works at the cellular level. It is superior to all other anti-wrinkle products in the world.

The wonders of the Nuviante Formula

Who does not want thick, shiny and healthy hair? Nuviante is the dream that almost all women have, but only a few can really achieve. You have already tried numerous products for hair care, to get the hair splendorous, thick and shiny, without much result. If you are still in search of a solution for hair care that can combat its fall and restore the shine and vitality of the hair, there is actually a solution. This complex is the solution for problems related to hair loss.Nuviante

What is Nuviante?

 It is a powerful and amazing hair growth formula that not only helps hair loss, but it will also restore hair damage to many levels. It comes in the form of capsules, so you do not have to spend time applying compresses or hair masks.

What does this formula do?

Nuviante helps restore hair health in more than one way:

  • Provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles
  • Contains natural protein extracts that promote the growth of new hair follicles
  • Helps repair the damage done to your hair
  • Helps reduce hair graying and baldness
  • It gives new life and enhances dull hair

What is achieved with Nuviante?

When you use a product to promote hair growth and get healthy hair, you naturally think about how safe it is. Nuviante is made from proven and safe natural ingredients that will not cause any side effects on the scalp or hair.

Here are the key ingredients:


It is also known as vitamin B7. This nutrient plays a key role in cell growth. Biotin strengthens hair roots and also speeds up the growth of nails and hair in the human body.

Pantothenic Acid

It is a nutrient that helps strengthen the hair follicles. This also promotes hair growth. In addition, it helps to keep the scalp clean and removes scalps from dandruff which otherwise may lead to more hair problems.

Paba-aminobenzoic acid

PABA, as it is sometimes referred as, helps to protect the hair from the harmful effects of UV radiation (Ultraviolet Radiation). It also helps to slow the premature aging of the hair.


This ingredient used in the Nuviante formula has selenium and silica. The latter brings shine and improves hair texture greatly. Selenium is a mineral that plays a role in the growth of hair leaving the iodine processes in the body to develop. In addition to the above mentioned ingredients that stimulate hair health and reduce damage to many levels, Nuviante also comes with a matrix of polysaccharides from sea life.

Why opt for Nuviante over others?

The Nuviante formula is quite easy to use. You get 60 capsules in a jar. You need to take the capsule regularly and that’s it. Nothing gets simpler than this. You do not even need to go to a store to buy this solution for hair growth and repair the damage lying on your scalp. Just ask and the product will be sent to your personal address.

How to increase concentration and enhance intelligence?

These days, to increase concentration is essential. How many times have you sat at your desk and tried to concentrate on a task, only to find that your mind is wandering? Despite your best intentions, you just cannot concentrate. We have all been in this familiar frustrating situation, and it is something that can really weaken your performance. In this article, we will review strategies to improve your concentration and reduce your daily distractions.


The personal work environment plays an important role in your ability to concentrate. The most comfortable and welcoming environment, is based on your tranquility, and the elements that combine with you. Here are some ideas for improving your physical environment and increase concentration:

Make sure you feel comfortable

Start by making sure your chair and desk are at the right height so you can work comfortably. If the chair is too high or your desk is too low, you’ll be uncomfortable, and you’ll be tempted to use this as an excuse to get up and walk away.

Put photos

If you are allowed to put photos in your office or work area, then choose natural landscapes or pictures that you like.

Turn off distractions

Adding to my personal learning plan is as much as possible. Listening to music can help, especially if it is instrumental music.


Here are some simple nutritional tips:

Drink Water – Many of us do not think about drinking water while we are at work. However, dehydration can make you feel tired, irritable, slow, or even sick. When our brain does not have enough fluid, it cannot operate at peak performance. Keeping you hydrated is an easy way to help to increase concentration during the day.

Have breakfast

Start the day with a healthy breakfast. It is much harder to concentrate when you are hungry, so eating a well-balanced meal before going to work is best. You can also help your concentration throughout the day by keeping healthy snacks on your desk. Almonds, whole-grain crackers, fresh fruits and vegetables are good choices.

Get up and move

Can you walk during the day? If you are like many people, you probably will not move around enough. Research has shown that walking on a regular basis can help increase concentration during the day.


The constant lack of attention and the precarious production that is associated with these distractions have become very common in today’s offices. Doctors have even given it a name: attention span. In the market there are a lot of natural supplements that can fight the lack of attention. One of them it is called BrainPlus IQ.

 Have more information

Follow some of these guidelines to help focus your mind: Take the time to address your concerns. Many of us have difficulty concentrating on the day because our attention is diverted to many other things. Then schedule time to deal with these problems. Focus on one task at a time. It can be much more difficult to concentrate if you take minibreaks (15-30 seconds) to respond to e-mails, send text messages, or take quick phone calls. Some researchers believe that it can take up to 15 minutes to regain full focus after a distraction.

Prepare your email box and chat program

Let your voice mail do your work. (If you are a manager and you want to operate an open house policy, consider working from home or elsewhere for those times when you need to concentrate).

These were some important tips for you to increase concentration, as well as add excellence to your work.


BrainPlus IQ: the supplement to boost intelligence

BrainPlus IQ, performance may not be an accident. Mental performance in today’s knowledge society is the key to success. Lack of concentration and attention are annoying not only at work or college, or school, but also in private life.

The higher we do, the more we can feel the impact of the diminishing brain power. Men and women over 25 are the most affected. To counteract the decline in performance, optimal supply to the brain is necessary. This product can help you focus better, to be more attentive and to increase the energy level of the brain.

Our brain has great potential

Experts believe that men exploit only ten percent of their brain potential. This means that about 90% is not used. Our brain is made up of different spaces. Each of them has a specific task. To function optimally, the feed must be secured and the links between the different areas of the brain remain functional. In this case, especially transduction (Transduction is a process by which DNA is transferred from one bacterium to another by the action of a virus). The signal plays an important role. And this is where the CI Plus brain starts to do the job.

There are many foods that we eat every day, that accelerate the process of natural decomposition in the brain. This compound can be served as a supplement in a daily diet, and can have a positive effect on our brain. It can help prevent the decline in cognitive performance of the brain, too.

The natural ingredients of BrainPlus IQ can be the quickest and safest way, with the “fuel” to feed the brain and reach an optimum daily energy level. Our brain has great potential, as we know it.

How this remarkable compound can help

An important question is: “Could this supplement help improve concentration and memory”?

First, what is good to know is that attention is an important basis for perceiving and remembering things. The tablet may increase attention. This is a particular advantage especially when learning vocabulary.

Also in conferences and meetings, people pay attention. So it’s good to remember during the facts and important details of constructive talks, and contribute to your success.

When to take

The areas of BrainPlus IQ are multiple. Many people from the late 20’s or early 30’s feel a decrease in brain performance. To improve the cognitive performance, many rely on IQ Brain Plus.

The symptoms for which taking this pill may help are: concentration difficulties, lack of energy, lack of motivation, slowing of memory, inability to solve mental tasks, lack of memory and lack of concentration. This can be manifested in the fact that is hard to remember where the keys or the wallet were left.

These problems can be improved through the proposed preparation. Keep in mind, however, that the Plus CI brain is not a drug and it is not effective against diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. In these cases, it is good to consult a doctor.

To know more about this product

Many clients hear about the BrainPlus IQ for the first time, wondering what’s behind. The product is available as a tablet and makes the dosing easy and quick. The tablets contain a pure phosphatidylserine complex. This is responsible for the optimal function of the brain cells. It is part of cell membranes and plays a key role in the transmission of signals between individual brain cells. Exactly this signal transmission is what is essential for brain performance.